Paranormal State

Story follows members of the famous Penn State Paranormal Research Society as they investigate strange and unusual phenomena across the country. Story also features their hectic lives as college students and faculty.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Ryan Buell , Heather Taddy , Chip Coffey , Chad Calek

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2007

IMDb: 5.2

Season 1 - Paranormal State
"The PRS team help a young boy named Matthew who is communicating with the spirit of a child named Timmy."
"Psychic Chip Coffey is called in to assist the PRS team with a home that was once the location of brutal murders."
"The PSR team calls in reinforcements when they have to perform an exorcism."
"The PSR team are called to assist a woman who believes her son is being held prisoner by a spirit."
"The PRS team are called to Vegas where a young woman is allegedly a medium to see if they can validate her claim"
"The PRS team are called to Maine where a woman and her canine companion are allegedly being haunted."
"Ryan and team are called to assist the caretakers of a cemetery in a gothic graveyard."
"The PRS team are called to help a woman and her grandson with a spirit haunting their 19th century home."
"PRS investigates a bar on Long Island, NY to determine who or what has been causing problems for the bar's owner."
"A woman calls PRS for help after her daughter is attacked by a winged creature in their Maine home."
"A woman spends all of her time making EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings in her home in an attempt to contact the spirit of a woman named \"Mary\"."
"Jeff and Shannon Sylvia ask the PRS team for help when they are hearing voices in the home. The Sylvia's live in a renovated school and they hear sounds of children in the residence."
"PRS investigates a piano that was bought by a client and is believed to be haunted."
"The PRS team investigate the haunting of a family home that was once part of the Underground Railroad."
"The PRS team head to Allentown, Pennsylvania to assist a woman named Kristy who has barn behind her home that is haunted. The team learn Kristy's home is host to a a series of tragedies including a lost child and the death of a prior resident from a degernative disease."
"The PRS investigates at a New York prison that was once a mental intuition. They investigate paranormal activity at a former insane asylum which is now a New York State prison."
"The Paranormal State team heads to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, to seek out the Mothman. Is he a winged alien creature who wants us all destroyed, or was he sent here to warn us of possible doom? Find out whether the legendary Mothman is fact or fiction."
"The PRS investigates the haunting of a college freshman at Penn State and explores other campus urban legends, including the murder of a man."
"PRS checks into the Knickerbocker Hotel in Linesville, Pennsylvania where the owners are reporting strange noises and the appearance of phantom children in some of the rooms. Additionally, several attendees of a recent anniversary party at the 100-year-old hotel either died or experienced illnesses in the weeks following the party. Ryan and the crew invite psychic CJ Sellers to help them sort out the paranormal from the coincidental."
"PRS investigates a teenage girl who is being haunted by black mists and showing signs of possible demonic influence. Ryan questions whether it's possession, or just depression that's to blame. Or is it something else entirely? Chip Coffey joins the case and makes a psychic connection."
Season 2 - Paranormal State
"The group heads to western Pennsylvania to a home where paranormal activity has been reported. The owners claim that they have had items such as religious objects have been destroyed, lights flicker on and off, and have reported seeing dead animals. Connections to New Orleans may be found, and psychic Chip Coffey joins the investigation."
"The group heads to Petersburg, VA where a family claims to be haunted by an apparition of an old woman."
"The PRS team heads to Hunt, TX, where people at a ranch claim there are black shadows being seen. They also claim animals are being hurt as well by the paranormal activity. Crop circles are seen, and Chip Coffey joins the investigation."
"The group heads to Parkville, MD to investigate the possibility of a roommate being attacked by a poltergeist."
"A Texas woman and her daughter claim that the spirit of a scary woman they've named \"Vampire Lady\" appears in their home."
"The team heads to Shrewsbury, MA where a family has been for the past 40 years. Many belive the spirit is evil, but Sandy has a different view of this. Dreams of a ladder may have something to do with this."
"The PRS declare a paranormal emergency for a York, Pennsylvania man terrorized by an evil entity that has turned his life upside down. Fearing for the man's health and sanity, the team calls upon clergy to ask if an exorcism may be necessary."
"The PRS team heads to Oregon to help Kelli and Riley with a headless apparition they are afraid of. Chip Coffey and an energy specialist are called into help. They try to help the spirit move on to the other side."
"The team hards to Newburgh, IN where Hillary and her son Hunter, age 9, are encountering a shadow presence. Trap doors and a psychic find they are in a dangerous game of hide and seek."
"The team heads to Daisytown, PA where a couple is faced with a terrifying haunting that could cause the the couple to break up. Evidence found during the investigation may lead to this being in the family."
"The PRS team heads to Ohio where their client, Christina, has been having paranormal experiences since a family tragedy. They may end up opening a murder case with the help of Chip Coffey."
"The group heads west to Washington at Gilliland's Ranch. Many paranormal experiences are claimed here, and the PRS may come into contact with some of their fears and really wonder if there is life elsewhere."
"The team investigates a haunting in Quincy, IL where Laura has been tormented by a spirit since the fall of 2007."
Season 3 - Paranormal State
"Family are being scared by the presence of a spirit and regular spooky goings on. Compelling evidence has already been collected by North Jersey Paranormal and the PSI Team are called in to call a halt to the creepy occurences. Is there a Native American link or is it a previous tenant?"
"Single mother of autistic child is forced to flee her dream home when her son is frightened by a paranormal visitor. PSI are called in to help resolve matters and Lorraine Warren makes a guest appearance to help family come to terms with their uninvited houseguest."
"Are there really spirits haunting a vacation lodge in North Hudson, New York."
"PRS comes in to investigate why an abandoned Kansas church has been known as a church of evil. But their efforts are thwarted when Ryan himself is physically attacked by a demon. Father Bob Bailey and psychic\/medium Chip Coffey join forces to battle the satanic entities."
"Everyone at the Clementon Fire Department is convinced that the ghost of a former member is haunting their firehouse. With the help of psychic\/medium Chip Coffey, PRS peels away the layers of an emotional story--including some details that the brave firefighters of Clementon had planned to keep hidden."
"A family in Kentucky believes their new home is haunted by the ghost of a young girl, as the team comes to investigate."
"The team investigates an illness which befell a family to discover whether it is a natural occurrence or if their is a supernatural force behind it. While investigating, one family member is rushed to the hospital."
"The crew heads to Maryland for a seaside home a family claims to have seen the spirits of children who have drowned."
"The crew head to West Virginia to investigate the claims of a family who believe they are being terrorized by spirits. They contend they have encountered knife attacks, and the females in the family are experiencing disturbing premonitions."
"The crew heads to Ohio to investigate the home of a mother and daughter which they claim in haunted with sounds of rattling chains and doors closing on their own in the basement."
"The team heads to Kentucky to investigate a woman's claim being terrorized by an apparition that is part human and part ram."
"A New Jersey mother and daughter believe their home is a hot bed of paranormal activity, hearing footsteps and seeing the ghosts of an elderly woman and man."
"The crew head to North Carolina and a historic estate in which the family believe it is haunted, and a local legend may be involved."
"The team travels to Tennessee, where the owners of a historic bed-and-breakfast claim the place is haunted by the apparition of a girl cowering in one of the rooms."
"The team head to Delaware to meet up with a family living in a seaside home who claim to have an evil spirit which haunts them and takes the form of a raven."
"The PRS are called to a Gettysburg, Pennsylvania bed and breakfast whose owners believe they have stirred up some Civil War spirit activity during their renovation. They report seeing shadows, hearing footsteps and a loud boom that seems to sound every night at 3:02 AM."
"A family from Indiana believe they are haunted by a spirit who repeats the phrase \"three to nine.\""
"Viki suffered a brain aneurism that left her on the brink of death. She fears the experience may have opened her up to unwanted spirits in her Alabama home. When psychic\/medium Chip Coffey feels a connection to a male entity with familial ties, the case takes an emotional and creepy turn. PRS also experiments with new magnetic-pulse technology."
"Patrick, his wife Margaret and their kids are living in terror since they moved into a cabin in southern Virginia. Patrick fears the scratches on his arms may be connected to alleged sightings of a wolf-like creature near the cabin. As Ryan discovers the tragic and bizarre history of the cabin, Patrick reveals a secret that may explain the haunting. Psychic\/medium Chip Coffey helps solve the mystery."
Season 4 - Paranormal State
"The team investigates a home in New Jersey. The people living there claim to see apparitions and even thoughts of suicide. One of those involved may be possessed."
"The team investigates a home in North Carolina to determine if a shadow demon lurks there. The clients are looking for help so that they can help their daughter."
"A hotel in Northern Pennsylvania is the team's focus. The activity taking place here worries the staff. The team brings in Chip Coffey to aid in the investigation."
"A homeowner in Indiana heard some scary EVPs. The case may be connected to another police case. They get help fron psychic CJ Sellers."
"No description"
"The team heads to West Virginia to help a client who is afraid of a dark hooded figure. Michelle Belanger joins in the investigation before it is too late for the client."
"The team heads to Indiana to help a couple that desperately needs help to be able to sleep. Evidence leads to prior violence which may be triggering this activity. Michelle Belanger joins in the investigation."
"The team heads to a prison in West Virginia to investigate for paranormal activity. It is purpoted to be one of the most haunted places in the country, and both Michelle Belanger and Father Bob Bailey join in the investigation."
"The team heads to Alabama to help a Jewish family that moved out of their home due to the paranormal activity they have encountered."
"The team heads to Georgia to help a family who has been relegated to sleeping in the living room due to the activity in their house. The team gets help from Lorraine Warren in this investigation."
"The PRS answers a call from a Pennsylvania woman who claims she and her son have encountered the ghost of little boy in their home who calls for his mommy. Psychic Michelle Belanger arrives and detects a child's presence and a possible connection to a local murder."
"The PRS joins UFO investigator William J. Birnes and delves into the Pine Barrens of New Jersey on the hunt for the legendary Jersey Devil. Their investigation turns up a curios thermal camera footage of a deer-like figure that appears to have wings which matches some eyewitness descriptions of the creature."
Season 5 - Paranormal State
"PRS arrives in Ryan's hometown to help the new owner of an old southern plantation unearth its dark history. A painful family secret reveals a tale of greed and neglect, and the team must help free its unwilling victim from her spiritual prison."
"Once night falls in a quaint New England Town, a police officer's family is terrorized by demons. PRS arrives just in time with the family ready to vacate their family home, rather than suffer the advances of these spirit creatures. They have been scratched, pulled, pinched and pushed to the brink. Through investigation and research PRS must come up with a solution to this family's plight and try to save their lovely home."
"The team performs a two day investigation at a jail in Charleston, SC where they find the spirits of slaves."
"The team heads to New Jersey to investigate a beauty salon. Nearby railroad tracks may be a clue to solving this mystery."
"The team investigates the Campbell House."
"The team returns to investigate in Daisytown, Pennsylvania."
"The team investigates in Saint Helens, Oregon."
"The team investigates the Lake County Poor House."
"The PRS go to Newcastle, California to investigate allegedly strong, paranormal activity at a home already cleared out by its terrified occupants. Ryan believes the home's location near Native American land may be reason for the haunting, and that the family may have invited the activity upon themselves."
"The PRS are requested to help an Ohio family who believe the paranormal activity in their home may have contributed to the untimely death of a daughter."
"A single mom claims she is being physically assaulted by a spirit in her Kentucky home. Ryan first explores a natural explanation for the alleged phenomena. But the client's five-year-old son also see spirits, and his sightings appear to line up with historical research into the home. Psychic\/medium Michelle Belanger joins PRS for this case."
"The PRS returns to Sumter, South Carolina, Ryan's hometown, to investigate the case of a boy tragically shot and killed while trick-or-treating on Halloween."
"The PRS team helps a rural Pennsylvania family who believes their new farm to be haunted."
Season 6 - Paranormal State
"P.R.S. is called in to help a young mother tormented by an otherworldly connection to a teenage girl murdered in her neighborhood years ago. Could she have psychic ability or is there a more sinister force at work? PRS dives headlong into a harrowing investigation to determine the true source of the haunting."
"P.R.S. is summoned to help a family who has been haunted for years by spirits lurking in the house. Upon arrival the team finds a family that has become prisoners in their own home. Ryan leads the team in investigating the history of the property and surrounding area, seeking to uncover answers to help this family take back their home."
"When a mirror levitates and shatters on its own, P.R.S. heeds the call to investigate a spirit that has been unleashed on an unsuspecting family. Ryan must track down the spirit and contain it before it does irreparable damage."
"When a woman has long scratch marks mysteriously appear on her back, PRS is called in to see if they are truly facing the devil. But her credibility is called into question, a struggle of another kind emerges for Ryan and the rest of the team."
"P.R.S. investigates claims of supernatural revenge in the Pennsylvania Poconos. When a client's new boyfriend moves in, does the paranormal move in with him? Or did her ex put a hex on her house and the entire family?"
"PRS heads to the Deep South to investigate a haunted Antebellum Mansion in disrepair. The caretaker and volunteers at the property have many a tale to tell of paranormal activity. A dark past is discovered, possibly revealing the roots of the haunting and identifying the alleged spirits still lingering there today."
"When an aggressive spirit stalks a young family, PRS is called in to investigate. When it is determined that the source of the haunting may have been unknowingly invited in, Ryan races to identify and hopefully defeat the entity before it's too late."
"Proven paranormal investigator Ken Arrington leads a new class of characters as they try to help a family cope with what appears to be a demonic spirit in their home. Upon arrival, it becomes apparent the team's presence is unwanted when Savahanna becomes a target of the lurking presence. As the team works quickly to find answers, vital information comes to light, placing the clients at the vortex of a sinister force."