My Family

Ben Harper, a misanthropic dentist, has little time for most people, including his wife Susan and their children Nick, Janey and Michael.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Daniela Denby-Ashe , Tayler Marshall

Director: Fred Barron

Country: UK

Duration: 50 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2000

IMDb: 7.6

Season 1 - My Family
"Ben gets angry when Janey tells him she is seeing another dentist, the Australian Mel Fraser, as Ben never gets round to seeing them. Ben soon discovers that Susan has also seen Mel, causing them to argue. They then have to reassure Michael that they are not going to divorce. Meanwhile Janey, who had taken an instant liking to Mel, says she will not see him again after he treated her like a child. Nick, meanwhile, meets Isabelle, a French swimwear model, on the Internet. Ben bets him \u00a350 she is not who she says she is and so Nick invites her round. Michael rebels by buying himself a rabbit called Hannibal."
"Michael gets bullied at school by Jason Hodder, and when Ben and Susan find out, Michael calls Susan a \"control freak\", which means Ben is forced to try and deal with it. However, when it gets worse, she invites Hodder's parents around to discuss the problem. Meanwhile, Nick tries to become a dotcom millionaire and Janey wants a tattoo."
"When Brigitte sets Janey up on a date with the son of Lord Whitten, She is over the moon because \"\"he's absolutely gorgeous\"\". Ben returns home to find that Nick has become an artist (!) and Susan has booked him tickets to the see Don Giovanni to be exact. Until listening to a tape of it, Ben doesn't want to go! \n\nWhen Janey tells Ben and Susan that young Whitten tried to assault her, Ben gets revenge by being less than compassionate when Lord Whitten's son needs dental work the next he making a mistake?..."
"For Susan's 40th birthday, Ben...or rather Janey...decides that he and Susan should go away for the weekend. They decide to go to a hotel they went to 20 years ago. There, they encounted a rather rampant old couple who ...put nicely...liked to occasionally swap partners!\n\nMeanwhile, Michael charges Janey and Nick \u00a310 an hour to stay home alone."
"When Susan worries about the rising crime rate, she insists that the family get a new alarm system - much to Ben's annoyance. Despite what Mitch, the salesman, says, Ben decides to opt for the cheapest system on offer...He'll regret his choice when the alarm just won't stop ringing!!\n\nMeanwhile, Nick decides to become a stripper while Brigitte insists on moving the furniture Ben's surgery around."
"Ben insults Mrs Dudley, yet another of his disgruntled patients, at his surgery and also chats to Father Connolly about death.\n\nWhen he gets home, he has more death to talk about as Nick's new girlfriend, Emily, tries to sell him life insurance and as Susan tells him that one of her tourists died in Madame Tussauds."
"While Susan is clearing out everyone's old clothes for charity (mainly Ben's!), Michael worries about what to do on a date...and gets advice from Nick!\n\nJaney defies Susan and buys new jeans that cost \u00a398 and Brigitte decides to 'align Ben's surgery with Mother nature' by playing Whalesong!"
"When Susan finds Viagra, She wonders why Nick has it. Later though, Ben gets ill and has to go to the hospital where he's told he has hypertension...but not before he admits to taking the Viagra even though the hypertension wasn't caused by Viagra! \n\nSusan allows her yoga teacher to hold the classes in their house, Nick gives Ben mouth to mouth when he thinks he's having a heart attack and Brigitte is her usual self at the surgery."
Season 2 - My Family
"Ben has a new assistant but doesnt like him! Susan suggests that Nick could be his new assistant...Ben laughs so much that it's decided that Susan will give Nick a job! He does a good job...except for taking the tour group to the pub, getting arrested and taking them for a guided tour of the house! Ben gets a new assistant called Ramon. Meanwhile, Ben discovers that Janey excellent grades are down to the fact that she has several for each subject, as well as 'stupid Brian'! By the way, Ramon was Nick in disguise."
"When Susan tells Ben that she might be pregnant, He replies \"\"But I don't like the children we've allready got!\"\". She suggests he thinks about it. The next day, while listening to Trudy, his new assistant, talk baby talk to her boyfriend on the phone, he upsets a pregnant patient by saying how terrible children and teenagers are! When everyone finds out about Susan's secret, she breaks the news that she isn't in fact pregnant...much to Ben glee. Susan thinks Ben has had a vasectomy, but has he? Also, Nick delights Ben by telling him he's a 'Bad father'."
"Ben is convinced the french exchange student they're housing, Sylvie, wants him but who does she really fancy? Michael is horrified when he discovers he'll have to share a room with Nick! ...and Nick sets himself on fire!"
"Ben has a new assistant who was herself dumped by her dentist husband who run off with his wn young assistant. Ben and Susan go to Oxford. When Janey has a party to celebrate getting an A in French, the neighbours complain about a man urinating out of a window...who could that be?!"
"Ben's Aunt Margaret has died and with Susan in bed with the flu, he has to take one of the kids, he first tries to persuade Michael, and then Janey, to go to Leeds to the funeral with him. They refuse, but Nick asks to come instead. Arriving at the hotel, it seems Ben has brought death on holiday with him, with body bags being taken out of the hotel and then the remains of a crime scene in his bedroom. Janey gives some pills to Susan which she got off stupid Brian and persuades her to take them\u2026 they seem to have a positive effect, but arriving at the hotel, Susan finds Nick\u2019s date in bed with him and Ben, and to make matters worse, the pills start to have a strange effect on Susan at the funeral."
"Ben gets another assistant who faints at the sight of blood! Janey is getting ready to take her driving test and Ben and his next door neighbour Mr Casey start a \"\"war\"\"."
"The Harpers quarrel over new home decor."
"Nick gets an older girlfriend called Amanda who is not only married but old enough to be his mother! Michael gets a new computer and Janey feels left out."
"Ben gets a new patient, Mr Smith from the mob! Ben keeps getting unwanted presents from them like, tires, meat and a watch, he tells Mr smith that he doesn't want the presents and Mr Smith tells him to give the watch back. The only problem is, Susan has found the watch and thinks it's for her, Ben goes and buys a new watch to give to Mr Smith only to find that the 1st was a fake and he'd just wasted a lot of money! Then Susan finds out that her watch is fake so Ben has to buy yet another watch to keep her happy!"
"Ben buys a bench to represent the Harper name. While trying to photograph his beautiful bench, two prostitutes take up residence on it and Ben offers them money to go away. The resulting photograph (on a timer) captures Ben in a compromising position and appears in the paper the next morning."
"Who will have to sleep on the side of the bed the body was found on?"
"Ben meets an old school friend who is now a millionaire. After being told by him about the wonders of the stock market, he and Susan decide to invest a large amount of money. Things go well at first but Ben's refusal to sell up while they're ahead costs them the lot!"
"Nick's decision to become a motorbike stunt driver brings more worry for Susan while Jenny's new job isn't what she expected it to be. Also, Ben's surgery is vandalised by a fired dental-assistant who wants revenge!"
Season 3 - My Family
"Janey's off to University...and Ben couldn't be happier! - just think what he can do with her room? Although Susan isn't so happy to see Janey go, she too has plans for her room. Also, Nick gets a job in a supermarket and lands the Harper's with 100s of tins of tuna, and lands Ben with a criminal record!..."
"Susan finds a letter on Micheal's desk inviting her and Ben to a school auction - Michael doesn't want them to go because he thinks his parents are too embarrassing. Ben also says no but Susan goes and so forces Ben to! At the auction susan bids for nearly everything and one of the things are a free couple's therepy session. Also, Ben despairs when a patient with very bad breath bids for free dental treatment in his surgery!"
"Susan, still missing Janey, decides that she needs some female company and so invites Abi, the daughter of a hated cousin of Ben's, to dinner. Ben, as usual, is against her idea. Abi turns out to be the most accident-prone, clumsy person you could meet...qualities that make her someone who Ben would like to never see again: ...He'll just have to get used to her because Susan invites her to come to live with them! Also, Nick decides to become a magician - just where did Ben's favourite white jacket and watch go!?"
"Abi has to make a video project about family life and decides to film the Harpers...Ben and Susan ruin the film though! Also, Ben and Susan were terrorised by a rat that they heared on the other side of a wall!"
"After being ushered away from the university by Janey and her two male friends, Susan and Ben decide to book into a local hotel under fake names and pretend to meet eachother again as strangers. As you'd expect, it all went wrong when Ben went into the wrong room! Also, Abbi's new boyfriend had michael to contend with!"
"The Harpers experience internal competition regarding a nativity play when both Nick and Susan audition for parts - Who will get a leading part and who will be a shepherd?! Also Ben is suffering from a severe toothache but is reluctant to put his trust in any other dentist."
"Michael has got his eye on a lovely girl in his class, but his mother Susan doesn't approve of his choice. She is even less pleased when she finds a joint in his super-secret sock drawer.\n\nBefore she and Ben confront him with their evidence, they decide to try a new way parenting, a more open approach. So they smoke the joint themselves.\n\nIn the middle of the night, Susan quickly sees the error of their ways: how can she accuse Michael of smoking pot if all the evidence is gone?"
"When Susan, much to Janey's disgust, comes to visit her in University, Ben plans (and looks forward to) a golfing weeekend. As you'd imagine, He, Susan, Janey...and the poor university student in the showers... get more than they bargained for, especially when Nick decides to become a female impersonator who seems to take his act a bit too seriously! Also, Nick finds out how much pain is involved while waxing his legs!!"
"When Nick wins an old car in a poker game, he wants to use it for parts but Ben tries his best to restore it to it's former glory...sadly with little success. Will he and Susan ever get to Dorset for their anniversary weekend away? Meanwhile, Abi finds Michael in her room and has some fun teasing him."
"Ben is annoyed when he discovers that his family have forgotten his birthday, but has slightly more to worry about when Janey arrives with her 'lesbian girlfriend', Katie! Is Janey really gay or has she got an ulterior motive? Also, Nick's new job involves dressing up as a gorilla and Michael seemed a little bit too interested in Katie's lifestyle...!"
"When the children go away for the weekend, Ben and Susan finally have some time to themselves. Unfortunately, it has been so long since that happened that they have absolutely no idea how to spend it"
"A name from the past comes back to haunt Susan, who is determined to dampen the old flame - but not before Ben gets singed"
"Nick decides to get his own flat but, as always for Ben, every silver lining has a cloud ***Last in Series***"
Season 4 - My Family
"Susan is looking forward to the birth of her first grandchild, but not to being a grandmother. Nick wants to move back in. And a new arrival at Ben's surgery has quite an impact."
"When Roger shows some talent at acting, Susan decides to jump on the bandwagon and takes dancing lessons...and a 'wine tasting' class! Michael is disappointed when he gets a B in an exam."
"Ben has neglected to fix the broken toilet seat and winds up having his mother-in-law under his roof while she recuperates from a nasty fall from the throne. Nick as usual, finds a way to exploit the situation."
"When the local paper announces Ben's death, he sees it as an opportunity to avoid doing all the things he doesn't want to do."
"The Harpers' marriage is threatened by Susan's discovery that the love poem Ben wrote to woo her was not an original."
"Janey's baby is due, and Susan insists on travelling to Manchester for the birth. The journey throws up several blasts from the past."
"Susan witnesses something so shocking, she becomess hystericly blind, she tries to hide it from Ben, but to no avail."
"Susan decides to enter enthusiastically into the spirit of `trick or treat' for the neighbourhood children, which Ben tries to ignore until the spirits get to him"
"Susan decides that Ben should spend more time with Michael in case he turns into another Nick. Janey leaves the grandparents to babysit Kenzo"
"Ben and Susan have to go back to school for parenting classes as a result of Michael playing truant."
"The Harpers get a free holiday to Lanzarote, and even though Ben loses his luggage, he is happy enough to use his brand new digital camera as much as possible."
"Abi's father (guest star Anthony Stewart Head) asks Ben to be his best man, which turns out to have been a bad move"
"The Harper house is quarantined because Roger is contagious. Nick goes into business with an eighteen-foot python, while Michael gets to grips with a rocket launcher."
Season 5 - My Family
"In this new series, more problems for Ben appear - Janey comes back home, Susan lies to the police, Michael's become born again and Abi confuses nature with naturism!"
"Ben has taken a dislike to Michael's geeky friend Hubert. He's therefore relieved when Michael acquires a new, and much cooler, school mate Jack. Michael is soon dressing trendily and hanging out with the cool kids at school."
"Ben and Susan decide to help out some friends by flat sitting their brand-new Docklands apartment."
"Susan tries to play the role of 'matchmaker' for Roger while Ben is trying to teach Roger how to 'chat up' the ladies. Roger then gets a call girl to try and make Abi jealous but it ends up costing him a fortune to keep the 'romance alive' with her."
"Ben becomes jealous of Roger winning a \u00a320 gift voucher on the Times Crossword puzzle and tries to prove to himself that he can do crosswords as quick as Roger but Susan demands Ben's full attention and support after she decides to run for the recently open post for Council to try and change to world by ridding it of Dog Poo. Michael meanwhile has got a new pregnant verminous spider - Nicola who has mysteriously disappeared from his bedroom!"
"The prospect of imminent death often concentrates the mind and the prospect of Ben's is no exception. After visiting 4 different websites, Ben is now convinced he has just a year left to live and decides to write his will with the secondary purpose of trying to get his children to love (or just notice) him. Susan meanwhile organises Ben's funeral, not helped by Nick taking a job at the undertakers."
"Susan feels that she doesn't have enough time to do the housework while holding down her job, therefore decides to interview as many cleaners as possible to find the correct one. She then decides on Martha who not only does the cleaning but does the cooking as well and the rest of the family enjoy it. However as a result Susan starts to feel obsolete and tries to get rid of her by sabotaging the house and eating Ben's mint chocolate sweet left on his pillow.\n\nMeanwhile Michael is trying to get a date with a girl at school who loves football by learning everything about football as possible (much to Ben's delight as this is the only subject he knows more than Michael about) and Abi is trying to get a job at a library by learning every single word in the dictionary!"
"Ben buys Susan the 33 DVD Boxset of Inspector Morse and then tells her of his rich patient who confesses to killing his wife while he was being sedated.\n\nSusan then tries to figure out the mystery behind Mr Addis and his wife while in the meantime Michael has another new girlfriend and she tries to figure out everything about it, but Michael isn't too keen on Susan finding out."
"Susan is increasingly annoyed at Ben's consistent snoring while she is trying to get to sleep and suggests 'alternative' ways to deal with the ordeal, however it doesn't seem to work and leads to a separation of beds. Both Ben and Susan then have 'perfect' freedom in the lives because of this however Abi has seen this before, having witnessed 5 separations involving her dad, she feels that Ben and Susan are heading for divorced and is convinced she is the case of all family breakups.\n\nMeanwhile Janey has started her own shopping business from her room while her boiler is being fixed and is becoming an 'assistant shopper' for both Abi and Michael."
"A filmcrew comes to town to film a new film which contains many famous british actors. Ben and Roger fight to perform surgery on the British Heartthrob who wants a 'normal classic' dentist. This leads to Roger geting tickets to the stars fashion perade and Janey finds a way to minipulate Roger to become his 'date for the night' just to mingle with the stars. Michael finds a way to make money out of the film crew by charging them extorsionate amounts of money to use the toilet.\n\nMeanwhile, Susan's tourist firm is being taken over by another company and she gets fired, she then becomes determined to take the exam, pass, then quit on the high ground."
"Susan is bored with her lot and opts to run her life as a single girl again; Janey takes the opportunity to try running the home with a husband who is less than perfect; and Ben just runs away."
"Susan attends a neighbour's book club; Michael runs a booking agency exclusively for Roger; Ben books a seat on the sofa, but gets a new assistant too close to home."
"Ben attends a dental conference."
Season 6 - My Family
"'Doctor' Buck, an American author, stays over at the Harpers, which again angers Ben. Elsewhere, Michael spends time with a woman, who is impressed by artefacts he supposedly found in his garden, and Roger is also trying to impress, when he starts talking to Abi in Welsh."
"Ben starts a one man anti-cycling campaign that causes chaos in the household. An old acquaintance of Susan, Hilary, visits, boasting about her family, which makes Susan even more determined to fare better at fundraising. Janey meets Hilary's son, who no longer looks like a nerd, and starts dating him. And Roger shows off his cooking skills."
"Ben is away at a conference, so smooth-talking locum Tony covers. Janey immediately falls under his charm, but her and Susan very shortly discover that he is married. However, despite both of them knowing that Janey must end this relationship, getting rid of Tony isn't as easy as they think. Meanwhile, Michael gets involved in another money-making scheme; two parents are trying to get their son into their local school and seek his help in doing so. Things go accordingly to plan, until the school's headmistress comes and visits."
"After Roger shows off his brand new, expensive watch to Ben, Ben and Susan both get caught up trying to sell 'Pyramus' products, believing that they will be super rich in doing so, and that they will consequently be able to afford a nice, big boat and pay for Kenzo to go to a private school, amongst other things. And when they see Roger driving in his new Porsche, they go even more crazy about 'Pyramus', reacting by ordering yet more products--despite Michael's warnings."
"Ben purchases the house next-door in hope of making quick money by furnishing it and then selling it on. However, he encounters a large problem when squatters take over the house. Susan attempts to play Cupid, when she introduces Suzanne to Michael, but the girl seems uncannily familiar."
"Susan adopts a stray dog. Ben accidentely donates a priceless family heirloom to Goodwill. Abi suspects that Roger is gay."
"Ben is away and Susan is invited to dinner by a rich art collector. Her mother, Grace, gathers a collection of her own, and Roger is trying to find the courage to pop the big question to Abi."
"No description"
Season 7 - My Family
"Susan has organised a dinner date with the Mortons, a couple she and Ben met on holiday. Just as they are leaving the house, a mysterious but very familar-looking man arrives, asking for Janey."
"Ben attempts to hide the fact an elderly man died of natural causes in his dentist's chair, unfortunately the man left a trial of promiscuity which proves even harder to cover up. Meanwhile Abi and Susan try to 'shake things up' in their relationships, however things get out of hand when Susan gets a new mobile phone with a built in camera..."
"Susan wants to renew her wedding vows to Ben but there's a problem. She also wants Ben to renew his vows to her. Meanwhile, Abi and Roger are celebrating the fact they've set a day for their wedding, it's a Saturday, but which one?"
"A handsome millionaire art collector reappears in Susan's life and Ben feels jealous when the two of them share a hotel bedroom."
"Micheal has secretly entered the whole family into a popular TV game show including his Grandmother and her latest husband Brad. The resulting family squabble may fuel a few insults by Anne Robinson, but will the insults get out of hand when Susan's hidden past is brought into question?"
"Roger's mother visits to meet her future daughter-in-law. An old drinking mate from Ben's youth has changed much more than he had expected."
"It's the day before Roger and Abi's wedding but, for this accident-prone couple, until the marriage is solemnised, anything can happen and probably will."
"Some friends of Ben and Susan's are getting divorced. Could this spell problems for their own marraige too?"
"Much to Ben's distress, Susan starts acting very strangly...Last in the series."
"No description"
Season 8 - My Family
"Ben is delighted when he takes delivery of a plasma television for his neighbour Mr. MacIntyre, who is on holiday. Michael tells his parents that Nikki, his girlfriend, is pregnant. He wants to propose to her, but her deeply religious parents, the Bakers, dislike the idea but suggest they donate \u00a320,000 for the child's upbringing. When Nikki's parents throw her out, she moves in with Michael. Shortly after they arrive to talk to Nikki, and the Harpers leave them alone in the lounge. After hearing nothing, they check on them to discover that the Bakers have stolen nearly everything. Also, Janey is dating widowed Daniel and is determined that Kenzo and Daniel's son Joshua should get on."
"When Ben goes to his bank to pay in a cheque from Alfie for two years' rent, he walks in during a robbery. Minutes later Janey follows him in. The robbers are a bickering couple Joan and Gary, while the other hostages are Jim McKenzie, manager Peter Warwick and chief cashier Belinda Smith. Janey is soon released in return for food, and hours later the police storm the bank and the other hostages are released. With Susan away, during the robbery a young, blonde Family Liaison Officer Penny Bishop comes round to comfort Michael and he takes advantage of the situation."
"Ben becomes addicted to poker while Susan has become addicted to seeing clairvoyant Zelda Nobbs. Zelda tells Susan that Ben will die the following Thursday at 9.04 pm. When her other predictions come true, Ben and Susan plan to spend his final moments having sex. Just as they are about to, they realise their lounge clock has stopped and it is already 9.30 pm. To celebrate him not dying, they decide to go to Venice. Meanwhile, Susan suggests Roger gets some friends after he is annoyed that Abi goes out with her friends. Roger then goes out for the night with Michael and his friends, and plays poker with Ben's poker circle."
"Susan is made the manager of the art gallery, and immediately has to prepare for a new exhibition. Meanwhile, Ben retires when he sells out to the Cavatex Corporation, which has become Roger's employer. Ben then starts painting model military figures and uses Alfie's room as a hobby room. Alfie then moves into Michael's room, and Janey soon has to give them relationship advice so they get on better. Ben soon gets bored of his new hobby, and assists Susan to set up the exhibition. When he gets the money for the surgery, and it is less than he expected, Ben has to go to Cavatex and persuade them he is committed to Cavatex so he gets his job back."
"Ben accidentally drives into Mr. Casey, the neighbour whose dog he previously ran over, and he ends up in hospital. The Police decide to take no action, but Ben wants Mr. Casey to sign a disclaimer so he cannot later be sued. Mr. Casey then spends his time recovering in Ben's house with Ben trying to persuade him to sign the disclaimer. However, Mr. Channing, from the insurance company tells Ben he believes it is a scam and Ben then tries to catch Mr. Casey out. However, in the process he sits fire to his bedroom and they then have to make a deal so both can claim insurance. Meanwhile, Susan and Kenzo are in Scarborough for a week with Grace."
"Kenzo is learning the piano, much to the family's disappointment. Ben reforms the rock and roll band he was with in his 20s, The Revolutions, and makes contact with guitarists Ziggy and Danny and drummer Sticks. However, they soon want to sack him as the lead singer. Susan hasn't the heart to tell him, until Ben criticises Kenzo during a school piano recital. Meanwhile, Michael organises dates for himself and Alfie over the Internet, but get their photographs mixed up and they have to pretend they are each other on the double date with Terri and Georgia."
"Having not had sex for several weeks, Susan decides that to spice up their sex lives they should abstain from sex and even the slightest physical contact for three weeks. Ben is annoyed with this, but Susan is determined. Meanwhile, Roger gets a note from Abi that says she has left him to become a nun. Ben and Susan drive him to Abi's convent and she and Roger talk, but he is unable to persuade her to leave the convent and they leave without her. Janey asks Michael to look into her latest boyfriend, Ron, and discovers that he still lives with his mother, something Janey says does not concern her."
Season 9 - My Family
"It's Ben and Susan's wedding anniversary and Ben is trying to write a loving message in a card but is having serious difficulties, despite fierce prompting from daughter Janey. Janey sets off for the local pub quiz with her brother, Michael, lodger Alfie and Ben's annoying work colleague, Roger. Ben is insulted that he wasn't invited but decides to tag along anyway. As their team falls behind in the quiz, Alfie points out that a player on another team has been cheating by texting all night. Ben decides to confront the phone cheat, Barry, who invites him outside to settle their disagreement. Ben backs out of the fight but is determined to get into shape so he can return to confront Barry."
"Susan is all dressed up for a working lunch with James Garrett. Ben is more than a little jealous, despite Susan's assurances that it's purely a professional relationship. Thinking Susan has forgotten her bag, Ben goes through it and is shocked to find a hotel room key and a note from James. Ben heads straight to the hotel and poses as the hotel manager to get in to James's room. He can't believe his eyes when he finds Janey there. It's not long before Ben tells Susan about Janey's new romance. But, surprisingly, she takes the news really well and Ben begins imagining the benefits of gaining a rich son-in-law."
"Susan's old university friend, Margot, visits for some support during her divorce. Ben is surprised when Margot reveals how good Susan was at picking men up in her youth and is horrified to find out their sons, Nick and Michael, were named after two of her many ex-boyfriends. Meanwhile, Janey attempts to lift Roger's spirits by assuring him women find him attractive \u2013 especially her fictitious Swedish friend, Elke. When Roger learns Swedish and decides he wants to meet Elke, Janey is forced to let him down by faking a call from Elke saying she's moved back to Sweden. All she has to do is persuade someone to be Elke."
"When Michael announces he's off to see a therapist, Susan is immediately worried there's something terribly wrong, as the comedy continues. Ben is convinced a father-son chat will sort out the problem but Susan's not so sure and heads straight to see the therapist, Dr Twelvetree. When neither Ben nor Susan discover anything about Michael's mental state, they change tactics. While snooping around Michael's room, they find no evidence that he has any problems, that is until Michael comes in and appears to be having a conversation with himself."
"Ben's Uncle Norris dies, but the only inheritance he receives is a box of old clothes. Meanwhile, Susan receives ten thousand pounds through the will after the moral support she gave him during and after the death of Mildred. The wake is later held at the Harper\u2019s house as it is in a convenient location. However, Ben\u2019s purchase of a \u00a360 suit and his general inconsiderate nature leaves him unpopular with everyone. Also, a mix up with Uncle Norris\u2019s burial suit and Ben\u2019s new suit leads to a winning lottery ticket going missing and a certain group of people going to pay their last repects, which unfortunately results in an embarrassment for the whole family."
"Susan decides she wants to get a dog so she sets out on trying to convince Ben to get one. Nevertheless, even when he gives in, her over-the-top nature leads to the assessor deeming the family unsuitable for a dog adoption. Later, Susan\u2019s depression leads to Ben going to visit the dog kennels in an attempt to get a Susan a dog however Susan is already there and has locked herself in a kennel in a protest and has even called the press. To try and sort everything out, Ben goes into the kennel and without him knowing, Susan handcuffs him to one of the bars and leaves him there to deal with the television reporter. Yet things still manage to get worse when Ben sees his cell mate."
"An undercover assessor for Cavitex, posing as a patient, leads to Ben having to attend a retraining course much to his dismay. The thought of spending a weekend with Roger and a giant bear causes depression to sink in especially when he attends the course but falls asleep and misses everything but the worst is still to come \u2013 there is a written exam to be completed and if he fails, he loses his job. However, having failed Ben is still optimistic as he has a plan \u2013 he\u2019s going to try and bribe the official from Cavitex but money isn\u2019t what he wants. Will Ben be able to \u2018go gay\u2019 to save his job? Meanwhile, Janey, Michael and Alfie get drunk after drinking Ben\u2019s booze."
"Ben is stunned to discover that successful celebrity dentist, Jeremy Livingston, has dedicated his new book to him, especially because he hasn't got a clue who Jeremy is. Meanwhile, Susan is stranded in an Albanian airport where a handsome stranger comes to her rescue when her bag is stolen. She is instantly smitten with The Doctor, a dashing American, who is heading off on an adventure around the world. The pair connect and he soon asks Susan to join him on his travels. But, could Susan really turn her back on Ben for a lifetime of romance, and could The Doctor really be all that he seems?"
"In an attempt to help Kenzo with his school project regarding his family\u2019s history, Ben and Susan decide to share the highlights of their past with him. His interest in Uncle Nick leads to Janey and Michael sharing their personal experiences with him but what exactly can Alfie add to the discussion? Meanwhile, Janey and Michael use the project as a way of getting at each other whilst Kenzo becomes the definition of bored. Thoughts and feelings from the past blast back, and the family realise just how much their lives have changed. Roger also contributes to the project by discussing his love life."
"No description"
Season 10 - My Family
"When the local council insists that Ben has a disablity problem, they start giving him local cheques in the mail but they do not know that the cheques belong to another Ben Harper. Instead, Ben decides to spend the money on buying Susan expensive shoes and starts to become disabled by fooling a court woman, Rosemary, who nominates him for an award. Meanwhile, Janey and Kenzo give up Janey's teddy and Kenzo's thumb sucking for a bet. Ben soon begins to sink deeper and deeper into his lie, he begins to realise that the truth must come out, but in no way can he predict how the truth is eventually revealed."
"Michael is becoming more and more out of control until he comes home drunk one night and blurts out his deepest secret, telling Ben that he's gay. Susan is annoyed that Michael didn't come out to her and for once a supportive Ben outshines Susan's caring nature, but the tables turn when Michael's boyfriend's father goes to the dentist for a check-up. Meanwhile, Janey takes care of an annoying elderly patient, which eventually leads to him dying and leaving Janey his flat, and Michael's boyfriend Scott moves into the Harper residence."
"Susan has enlisted the help of older neighbour Martin \u2013 whose wife passed away a few years ago \u2013 to do odd jobs around the house. Ben's pleased, and starts getting Martin to do even more jobs. Ben and Susan find themselves at the mercy of a cross-dressing-lunatic... all because Susan receives expensive valentine's gifts that she presumes are from Ben, but aren't, so he goes round to confront Martin, and is shocked to discover his neighbour has made a shrine to Susan. Meanwhile, Janey gets hooked on high-sugar energy drinks, and finds herself in Liverpool."
"Ben and Susan are enjoying the peace and quiet of having the house all to themselves, but this is soon ruined by an Australian Backpacker called Craig, who turns up at the Harper\u2019s doorstep. Susan immediately invites him into the house, and he starts doing the jobs that Ben\u2019s always put off, much to Ben\u2019s annoyance, who just wants the house to himself and Susan. Things soon take a rather sinister twist for Ben when he realises that Craig may be his son, after a night of \u2018fun\u2019 with his Mother. Janey soon takes a liking to the new guest and the pair of them go on a date, much to Ben's dismay, Susan then discovers the truth and it transpires that his brief fling happened when he and Susan were dating."
"When Michael returns home from a gay bar drunk, he realises he\u2019s forgotten his phone, but Susan insists that he can\u2019t go back there in his state \u2013 he might get stabbed \u2013 so she sends Ben instead. However, he soon grabs the attention of Rupert, who\u2019s a little bit too attracted to him, and Ben finds himself getting sent flowers and receiving visits to his house and dental surgery. Only Susan seems to have the power to stop Ben\u2019s apparent stalker, and the truth certainly hurts."
"Susan's going away for the weekend, but is concerned that Ben will just lie on the sofa eating junk food, watching TV and drinking beer. He's adamant that he will do no such thing, and that he will eat the fruit, vegetables and other food that she's left for him. Later on, he\u2019s alone in the house, when the police turn up and ask him to be apart of an identity parade. He's very happy to do so, and shows off his moves\u2026 but his mood soon drops when he's formally arrested for a mugging! And ends up in a cell with fellow inmates Carl and Terry. On returning home, Ben is enjoying some tranquillity\u2026 until two familiar faces turn up on his doorstep, and his weekend soon turns to anything but the fun and relaxing time he set out to have especially when Verity, Carl's wife, turns up."
"Janey is due to work, but needs someone to cover for her, because she needs to look after Kenzo and she also wants to keep her job. She asks Michael, who can't because he's too pre-occupied with his split from Scott, then Roger comes round, who's still depressed about Abi. Just wanting some peace, Ben enquires about whether this old man \u2013 Harry - has Sky, and when he finds out that he does, he insists that he covers for her. He's quite capable of looking after an old man. Reluctantly, Janey hands over the keys, and his address, but tells Ben that the one thing he mustn't do is let Harry out of his sight."
"Whilst playing Santa at Susan's works Christmas party Ben becomes emotionally involved when a little girl asks him to reconcile her mother and grand-father, who have fallen out. He actually succeeds, winning rare praise from Susan for his efforts. The Harpers are less successful, though, when their lavish New year party, with fireworks, a band and food from T.V. chef Ainsley Harriott initially fails to poach guests from nasty neighbour Casey's glitzy annual event. Can recent dental patient Rolf Harris save the night with his presence or will the rocket literally go up? At least Susan and Ben see in the New Year presenting a united front."
Season 11 - My Family
"Kenzo's father is back and town and even though Ben is happy with the news Susan has other ideas. Craig and Kenzo's father both plan to propose to Janey."
"Ben finds himself being tempted into joining management. Susan and Janey end up competing against each other for the same television job."
"It looks like Kenzo is the victim of a revenge campaign by Michael's former art teacher. Susan discovers herself being caught in the middle of a sexual harassment case at work."
"Janey and Michael give Ben and Susan a trip to Spain as an anniversary present expecting them to refuse to go. After Ben and Susan decide to go on the trip, Janey and Michael need to find a way to raise some money so they can pay for it after charging the trip to Ben's credit card."
"Ben and Susan end up deciding to separate after arguing. Ben goes to stay with Roger whilst Susan throws a party. When it's Ben time to be in the house, Susan goes to stay with Michael. Ben and Susan end up reuniting after going to an anniversary party."
"Ben and Susan attend a couples' retreat for a weekend and they end up not being perfect guests. Michael and Matt split up and both of the then want to spend time with Janey. "
"Whilst Ben is away on a dental outreach programme a former boyfriend of Susan's shows up and it looks like she might get her fingers burned."
"The Harper family attend Grace's funeral where Susan ends up having a visitor from beyond the grave with an offer she can not say no to."
"Ben ends up finding out that he is not quite the darts player that his father was. Susan learns that her new personal trainer isn't quite fit for purpose."
"Susan wants to look fantastic when she attends a school reunion. After she is asked to give the keynote address she ends up deciding that her best may need a little help. "
"Janey and Susan attend a hen night party. Roger goes out on a blind date. Ben ends up spending more time out than he thought he would when he should be home with Kenzo."