Hockey Wives

Original documentary series follows the wives and girlfriends of some of professional hockey's most celebrated and up-and-coming players over the course of an NHL season.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 5.6

Season 1 - Hockey Wives
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Season 2 - Hockey Wives
"As the playoffs wrap up, life off the ice heats up. Celebrating their engagement, MP and Brandon indulge in a sun-drenched Italian vacation. Back in Montreal, Angela and Carey Price meet up with Rhianna and Mike Weaver for some post season fun before flying west to BC for the summer. In LA, Noureen confides her struggles with new motherhood to Tiffany, while Kodette cheers Jason and Anaheim one round closer to the Cup."
"Jonathan tests his construction skills and Martine takes on a new challenge; Angela's husband gets four awards; the Getzlafs and Parrosses clash."
"It's Free Agency day. Jason and Kodette are desperately waiting for a call from his agent, hoping to land a new contract. Brandon gets news that changes life dramatically and Keisha gives MP advice she doesn\u2019t want to hear."
"The offseason means players and wives indulge in everything put on the back burner during the season."
"Brandon's departure approaches; Kodette brings Tiffany to tears during a charity golf tournament."
"Still unsigned for the new season, Ashley and David Booth's future is left hanging in the balance. In other developments, Martine is planning her wedding on her own; at the same time, Kodette fights the nerves of trying to fit in at Jason's home opener."
"Tiffany and George bring the twins back to Wisconsin for a family get-together; Noureen's role as a stay-at-home mom has her wanting to return to work in L.A.; and MP jets off to Vancouver for an intimate reunion with Brandon."
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"Tiffany and MP go to New York City for a weekend of partying; the Weavers prepare for a major life change."
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"Paige and Ryan try to take a family photo; Kodette and Jason argue; Maripier finishes her last gig in Montreal; Martine and Taylor head toward home."
"Martine, Taylor and Keshia take a trip to Mexico; Maripier visits Brandon and makes a big decision; Noureen hunts for a nanny."
"Noureen and her sisters go to Palm Springs; Kodette throws a charity event; Maripier gets some devastating news."
"Martine, Taylor, Rhianna and Kodette go to Laguna Beach to throw a baby shower for Angela; Maripier is offered a gig; Ashley and David return from Russia."
Season 3 - Hockey Wives
"After the Pittsburgh Penguins trump the San Jose Sharks, Kris and Catherine celebrate in style, while Marc and Martine return to Quebec to lick their wounds. Elsewhere, MP takes time from her red-hot career to support Brandon as he tries everything he can to land an NHL contract."
"After a devastating loss in the Stanley Cup finals, Martine and Marc are more determined than ever to bring home a World Cup. Meanwhile, MP cheers on Brandon as he survives cut after cut during his tryout with the Toronto Maple Leafs."
"A new NHL season begins; Catherine tends to Kris' injuries; Erica feel the pressure of the hockey world; Brandon skates without a contract."
"After a month apart, Brandon and MP face off in NYC. With a relationship on the line, it's do-or-die time. Meanwhile, Emile faces harsh criticism at her baby shower back home in Chicago. At the same time, Vanessa shocks her sister with some unexpected news."
"At seven months pregnant, Emilie heads to Russia. But bad news threatens her reunion with Jon. Meanwhile, MP and Brandon's relationship is back on track, but where will they call home: Toronto or Montreal?"
"MP and Brandon face another firestorm that puts wedding planning on hold. Erica and the kids reunite with Jamie in Austria, while Emilie buckles under the stress of final baby preparations."
"Martine's Christmas comes to a crushing halt when the love of her life is injured. After a grueling labor Emilie gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, but her joy is short-lived."
"MP goes to Germany to start planning her future with Brandon, but their relationship is soon in jeopardy; Catherine prepares for her clothing line's launch; Jon returns to Russia, leaving Emilie alone with the baby."
"MP cheers Brandon on as he hits the ice with his new German teammates. It's a turning point in their relationship that will change the course of their future. In Philadelphia, Erica's kids receive the surprise of a lifetime and Martine gets tough love from Jessie, her closest hockey wife friend."