Blood Ties

Vicki Nelson, a former homicide detective turned private investigator, and Henry Fitzroy, a 470-year-old vampire, form a unique team solving cases and dealing with the supernatural world.

Genre: Drama , Mystery

Director: Peter Mohan

Country: Canada

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2007

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - Blood Ties
"One late evening Vicki witnesses a gruesome murder \u2013 except because of her bad sight, she\u2019s not really sure what she saw. She itches to get back to what she does best, solving crimes, but her old colleague, police detective Mike Cellucci warns her against getting involved. Meanwhile, Henry Fitzroy, a vampire living in Toronto, also decides to look into the murders lest they be blamed on a vampire \u2013 himself for example. \n\nVicki and Henry team up to solve the case and Vicki aquires an assistant, Coreen Fennel."
"After teaming up with Henry Fitzroy, it's up to Vicki and Henry to find out who raised this demon."
"After being attacked by a zombie, Vicki finds out that a voodoo priest has put death on her."
"A young girl has telekintic powers that controls a demon. Meanwhile Mike is on the hunt to find out who Henry really is."
"A vengeful spirit and a witch is on the loose and their next target is close to Vicki and Mike."
"A man hires Vicki to figure out if his wife is cheating on him. After she is found dead, the man is the prime suspect."
"Homeless people have gone missing. Vicki gets more then she bargained for when she tries to solve the case. Mike is on another case where a hooker's blood has been drained and Henry is number one on his list of suspects."
"Henry is held hostage by some from his past, but can Mike and Vicki get along in time to save Henry."
"Vicki and Henry have a run in with Medusa, the gorgon of Greek lore. While looking for a missing male model."
"The dead body of pro boxer Diesel Swanson has gone missing. Things get weird when a tape shows Diesel getting up and walking out of the funeral home."
"A man hires Vicki to check on his wife is who isolated in a clinic."
"Norman is back from hell and is ready, yet again to bring back his demonic master."
Season 2 - Blood Ties
"A former co-worker of Vicki and Mike. Comes to Vicki for help in his own murder downside Vicki can only see him."
"The woman that Mike arrested is charged for a murder, but the way the wounds come out,she couldn't have done it. Vicki and Henry find out the woman's true self."
"Vicki keeps waking up on the same day and time with a chain of events happening over and over again."
"Coreen asks Vicki to check out a string of murders at a goth club. The victims looked like they had been killed by bugs."
"Henry takes steps to protect Vicki and Mike from the vampire who's encroaching upon his territory: his sire and ex-lover, Christina."
"Henry's friend is killed and Vicki is on the case. Dragged into the world of art she finds out that the victim might have been killed by a curse from the grave."
"A mummy is back from the dead and needs life energy to stay alive, so the mummy goes after the one person that will keep him alive forever."
"A jailed killer calls up Vicki and tells her that he has had visions of another murder that is about to occur. He also proclaims his innocence for the past murder."
"A boy hires Vicki to find his soul mate, who he's been with for every generation. She starts to think he's crazy and also questions her own sanity."
"Coreen is possessed by a demon, who wants to use her to get to Vicky. Vicky must make a choice that could imperil her soul. Mike gets in more trouble at work because of his association with Vicky and Henry finalizes his arrangements to move to Vancouver."