The Angry Video Game Nerd - Season 5 Episode 13

A foul-mouthed nerd reviews bad video games.

Genre: Comedy , Documentary

Country: USA

Episode: 13/4 eps

Duration: 35 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2004

IMDb: 8.5

Season 1 - The Angry Video Game Nerd
"For his first Christmas review, the Nerd decides to review a few unlicensed Bible games for the NES and Super Nintendo. The most obscured game of the bunch would have to be Super Noah's Ark 3D. Only cause it's the only first person shooter where you get to play as Noah. The game is basically a clone of Wolfenstein 3D which is a better first person shooter to play. The Nerd is confused as to why there are so many goats inside the ark and the reason for Noah to be attacked by goats is a mystery."
Season 3 - The Angry Video Game Nerd
"The Nerd concludes his CD-i review with the two remaining Zelda games. The first one is Link: The Faces of Evil which has all of the same problems as Wand of Gamelon had. While the final game the Nerd reviews is Zelda's Adventure, which he praises it for not having the same bad animation as the first two games and is now an over head view like the earlier Zelda games instead of a slide scroller game. However the game still suffers with an abundance of flaws such as poorly detailed backgrounds making it hard to know what is an opening and what isn't. The CD load time ..."
Season 4 - The Angry Video Game Nerd
"It's the middle of winter at the Nerd's house, and to keep himself occupied from being cold is by reviewing Winter Games for the NES. The Nerd explains how the Winter Games for the Atari 2600 was fun, however the NES version is inferior due to it having only four winter Olympic game events and has a bad control scheme. The biggest complaint the Nerd has for the game is the figure skating game in which no matter what buttons he presses he is unable to achieve any good skating moves and always receives a 0.0 for a score despite managing to pull off a few good skating ..."
Season 5 - The Angry Video Game Nerd
"The Nerd who appears only as an illustration is frustrated that the citizens of Gameville have all the good games, while he is stuck with the bad games. So the Nerd decides to ruin the citizens of Gameville's Christmas by replacing their presents containing good games with really bad games. He does this in the same style as the Grinch complete with Narrator and a singer who sings a parody of You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch. Upon his heist, the Nerd gives off some very brief reviews on random bad games and pointing out what makes them so bad."